1. Our Knowledge: The foundation of the company. Our grounding in communication and design—the principles, concepts and their applications—form the base of our expertise.

2. Our Experience: Our macro-perspective. Collectively, we’ve worked for award-winning design firms, cutting-edge advertising agencies and powerhouse PR firms. We’ve worked both sides of the boardroom table—as the provider and the client. We
call it our Big-Picture, Macro-Background.

3. Our Techno-Savvy Know-How: More than a toolbox. We embrace technology as part of the design process. We explore. We invest. We thrive on technological innovation.

4. Our Collaboration: The synergy of teamwork. Far more than esprit de corps, we’ve mastered the art of seamlessness—the client is always covered.

5. Our Creativity: The keystone. Creativity is the process of bringing something new into being. Creativity requires passion and commitment. At Jelly, creativity is a life attitude. We build on ideas. We use our senses. We zig when others zag. We uncover the real challenges and come up with the right solutions.